Thursday, December 23, 2004

Reflections on the Holiday Season.

1. Don't you just hate when you wind up in a store with people who are in a socioeconomic class that is pretty obviously about two levels lower than your own? Heh! I swear, If I get stuck in another Toys'R'Us behind a non-English speaking family of eight, or skinny goateed white trash boys with FOX motorcycle sweatshirts and insubstantial brain pans, or women with feathered hair from the 70s who are wearing garish 49ers jerseys and white high-top tennis shoes, I just might decide against shopping at all. Unfortunately, I really needed to get myself the latest Trivial Pursuit, and they had it at $3 off so I was pretty much forced to buy it there.

2. I finally managed to come up with a nonfat eggnog recipe that really nails the classic eggnog flavor, and you're never going to believe what the secret ingredient is. That's right: roasted garlic. Roasted garlic is a great thickening agent, and its mellow flavor is easily sweetened by nonfat half-and-half, nonfat sour cream, low-sodium chicken stock and Splenda-brand sweetener. I grate in a modest amount of nutmeg, which does have some natural oils and fat, but I figure that we all can afford to loosen up a little bit during the holidays. Try my recipe, it's 1 part of each ingredient, plus nutmeg to taste. This is really going to knock 'em dead tomorrow night.

Well, that's about it. I've got to get to packing - I'm giving everyone I know bags of my excellent new trail mix for Christmas. In addition to peanuts, dried banana chips, raisins, and flax balls, I've gone the extra mile and stirred in about twenty dollars' worth of Vitamin E gel caps.

Happy holidays from Pat.