Friday, December 10, 2004

Last Warning.

Okay, this is my final warning to ALL of you: do NOT e-mail me to tell me to update my blog. I have compiled a list of all your IP addresses and you will be blocked from reading my blog a little later tonight.

Let's see, what is new with me...Cornelius tried to play "the bigger man" by forgiving me for the shooting accident, and did not press charges. I still say it's all his own damn fault for not tellin' me what was in that glass that made me cough so hard. Besides, it'll give him more to write about. He's a writer, he needs ideas. I probably did him a favor. Hell, he'll probably write a million-seller after the experience I gave him. Maybe we should talk about me gettin' a cut. I'll do some work later tonight lookin' up intellectual property law...but first I need to check on my lentils (I'm perfecting my green lentil and quinoa salad). If you haven't had quinoa, then you don't know a damn thing about Incan food.