Tuesday, September 28, 2004

This is MY blog, NOT yours!

How dare you e-mail me and ask when I'm going to update my blog! I'll update my blog whenever in the fucking hell I feel like it, you slavering, puckered assholes!

Let's see, what have I been up to...due to a massive failure of the legal system, none of my lawsuits ever saw the inside of a courtroom. I swear it, when I see those news stories about Montana Freemen I get a little pang of sympathy. I guess eventually the only recourse for me will be to buy a large expanse of property up north, fence it all off 16' high, grow my own beans and print my own newspaper. If I have a wife, she will assist me.

Physical therapy is about all wrapped up. I am walking unassisted now, though the doctor has warned me against performing in any swing dance competitions for at least a year while the tendons heal. In the meanwhile, I have a video of me performing a medal-winning solo routine at the '98 Swinger's Ball, which I keep by the VCR for when the urge strikes me.

Oop, there's the timer. I am boiling some eggs to have for lunch throughout the week.

Warning: do not e-mail me to tell me to update my blog. I will search the header information, find your IP address, and BLOCK it.