Sunday, April 10, 2005

I've had it with people who think that looking sloppy is fantastic.

Not far from my house is a small industrial park, and in it resides a discount sporting goods outlet. Recently they advertised an extremely good sale on all of their stock, so I was compelled to go and see if they had any hiking boots which could replace my current pair, which I have literally worn into the ground. Literally: the ground has eaten away almost the entire sole, and I am in danger of suffering foot damage.

Yesterday afternoon just before dinnertime I walked over to the outlet (don't worry, not in my old dilapidated boots) and was rather enthused. The ad had inspired me to start dreaming of a crisp new pair of solid, supportive, new-car-smell hikers, and I was in high spirits.

I should have known better.

The problem with a sale is that it just attracts the absolute gutter of society. Far and away the most represented bunch were sloppily-dressed teenagers, smugly flaunting their family-supported indolence as they dropped platinum cards on everything from snowboards to the most expensive downhill skis and boots in the store. Every last one of them, upon completing their purchase, loaded their spoils into an oversized SUV and motored off. One thing I really hated was their hair. They tended to cultivate sloppy overly-long curls that made them look just unbearably arrogant. If youth are born into this world with curly hair, it should NEVER be longer than one inch.

Needless to say, I never got so far as the shoe counter before self-ousting and hoofing it angrily for home. I don't need a damned sale if I'm going to have to hang out with curly-haired idiots. I can spend the money someplace decent that doesn't have to have sales simply in order to rely on the teenage dollar.