Thursday, February 17, 2005

Nice Pete's physical recovery technique. Jury's out.

I have been having more problems with my acid reflux condition since last I wrote, and my newly adopted natto-only diet hasn't been as effective as I thought it would. To add insult to injury, Nice Pete has been eating only tomato-based, highly acidic foods around me, and drinking large quantities of grapefruit juice, while staring directly into my eyes. His reasoning is that by taunting me with the things I can't have, my body will subconsciously adjust itself so that it will really want those things again. He says he's used the technique on a number of folks before, but he just went silent when I asked what the results were. Maybe he doesn't want to influence my progress. I can see how expectations might guide results.

Well, I've got to go, as Pete has announced the arrival of a pepperoni pizza and the thawing of another can of Minute Maid. Truth be told, I hope his technique does work, and fast, because I'm getting pretty sore from the way he holds my neck against the wall while he eats all this stuff.