Thursday, May 04, 2006

I, for one, am GLAD gas costs so much these days!

I can't turn my head without seeing some headline about the high price of gas these days. You know what I say? Hah! B.S.! The price of gas hasn't gone up, the appeal of owning a gas-slurping SUV has gone down! Natural corrective forces are at work, here.

Seriously, 99% of our daily trips can be taken via flyweight recumbent bicycle or gravity-sensible skitter-carts. These machines not only exercise the body, but they take no fossil fuels and create virtually no meaningful wear on the terrain (skitter-cart brake levers do scrape the ground, but as the brake pad is composed entirely of a pumice-fortified soap, the net effect is one of overall environmental cleansing). Imagine a system where nutrients that fortify your body are obtained on a trip that exercises that very same body, and creates no harmful pollutants to hurt the body. Welcome to my world. The vegetables cost a little bit more, and require more rinsing, and often have to be discarded or hit with a can of Raid, but that is a small price to pay.

My way of life may be slightly more expensive in some areas, but when you see the massive savings I have in the categories of meat, liquor, name-brand "hygiene" products, gasoline, cable television, and Internet access (good old 56k dialup is all the sensible Internet user needs, so long as images are turned off, as they should be in pretty much all cases), it won't be long before you come around to my way of living. You can't afford not to.

Pat Reynolds