Saturday, June 04, 2005

Screw You!

Apparently Chris Onstad has been paying everyone but me to write poetry lately! Well, when I found out about this I saw red and rang that moron up. He knows PERFECTLY WELL that I am a published poet with reams of material that deserves further exposure. Too good for my poetry? Well, The New Burlington Old River Review certainly wasn't!

I called him up and read him my latest, most impactful piece — a piece that has just devastated everyone at Support Group. I didn't even say hello when he picked up, I just launched right into it:

- - -

Hunger (Untitled)

The mother nurses the child;
Only dust
Comes from her teat.
He will die soon
(the child),
And then
The mother
From grief.

- - -

This poem is an incredible statement on starvation and the mother/child bond. The imagery is terrifyingly imaginable, and the mother's grief universal. That bastard had the nerve to tell me he'd pay me $2.48 not to publish it in my blog (I actually heard him rummaging in his pockets as he decided the amount, and heard coins jingling while he sorted them and verbally counted them out). I don't need to tell you that I hung up on him so hard that small cracks formed in places on the base of the cordless phone receiver.

Here you go, you piece of crap. Here is my poem, and hundreds more are to follow. Never mess with me, not ever. I will crush you.