Saturday, July 10, 2004

Kleenex has just lost a customer.

My nasal passages tend to clog easily, so I rely on tissues several times throughout the day in order to maintain good respiration. Well, today I was sorely let down by what I had thought of as a good, responsible brand. I went to pull out a sheet of tissue from the cardboard dispensing box, and do you know what happened? The machine that cuts and folds the paper had apparently been malfunctioning out of control back at the factory, because about three sheets of Kleenex came out together, just making a huge mess and leaving me standing there looking like a damn fool. It's a good thing no one was around to witness this send-up, because I was livid enough as it is. I immediately threw the box of tissue straight onto the ground and crushed it beneath my feet. When I had cooled down a bit I filled out a FLAMING complaint form on the Kleenex website, so I expect to hear back from them first thing Monday morning. In the meanwhile, it's back to cloth handkerchiefs and lotion until I find a suitable replacement brand.