Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Yes, you read that right. I'm not surprised you've never heard of Sensibilly. It'd be way off your radar, most likely, but lately it's been a real focus of my evolution as a dancer.

First, though, I have to tell you about something Rod's been up to. He's been working with Max Planter. Yes, THE Max Planter. Max is an energy healer, and in addition to being gorgeously physically fit, his on-set chemistry with Rod is extraordinary. You really need to check out the first volume of their maiden series, Proof of Exit, even if you aren't into same-sex male adult features. Believe me, you'll be amazed at how truly blurry the line can be between where one man ends and another begins. ($24.99, Hattokiri-Hydra Films)

Okay, back to Sensibilly. You've no doubt been subjected to the cacophony that is "Rockabilly" — kids having fun dressing up like cowboys and greasers and going outside. They drink, they do anatomically incorrect joint-destroying dances from the 1950s, and have horseshoes on their clothing. Nonsense. I've never had the patience for a second of it. But along comes Sensibilly.

Rudolfo Bucharini, the visionary founder of Sensibilly, wanted to create a "welcome mat" movement for kids who had grown up and grown out of the Rockabilly thing. Costumes and outlandishly masculine cars are discouraged; most arrive by bicycle or gravity-sensible skitter-cart in something comfortable and sustainably grown. We don't smoke, and we certainly don't drink alcohol. Dancing is encouraged, but those who don't wish to socialize can lounge together in the reading area — a large blanket Rudolfo spreads out a couple dozen yards from the designated "dance floor" (usually a Tiki torch-delimited square about the size of a badminton court). You wear your own iPod, so as not to disturb the other dancers, or you just feel your own way around the space's energy. The vibe turns out to be tremendous, and experimental. I find myself slipping out a new stutter-shuffle or flying heel variation in an environment of total, non-judgmental freedom. It's incredible.

The Rockabilly-disaffected are trickling in here and there, largely thanks to Rudolfo's heavy flyering around the community college. We have a low retention rate, which I'm actually really proud of, because I know this group isn't for every dunderhead ex-costume cowboy. I'm realistic. And that's why I'm underwriting our next county-wide flyering campaign. It's an angel-phase thing. You'll thank me when Sensibilly finally comes to your town. You'll owe me a big one.