Friday, July 02, 2004

I Guess Some Friends Don't Remember When You Are Supposed To Do Things Together.

Well, I should have known better. Ray was stinking drunk last night and made all kinds of motions about wanting to go on a hike up around the Skyline area AGAIN. Like a fool, I believed him.

Needless to say he sent his maid to the door at 9am today when I showed up, telling me that "Señor Ray" would not be available because he had "hurt his arms." That's Ray's code language, I suppose. Anyhow, I had gotten up at 7 to go to the Royal Robbins outlet and pick up some new gear (I even got some bottled water for Ray, because I knew he would forget to bring some for himself) so I was extremely angry that Ray flaked out on our hike. I went on the hike myself but was extremely angry the whole time, and didn't notice until later that the acacia vulgaris had been in bloom (I read this afterwards on the ba.parksandtrails.rec newsgroup while cooling off with some sun tea).

Thanks for nothing, Ray. Maybe next time I'll CALL first.